In Ad Arch, we aim to create more effective and compelling video advertisements, making our own creative system such as creating global standards for Japanese and Foreign creators, AB Video Testing, and filming in Ultra HD (4K) to name a few.
We believe that video and film production starts with drawing out the individuality of the client, leaving a strong impression on the viewers. By utilizing our personality in the production system, we provide services to achieve better results.
Ad Archでは、より効果のある魅力的な動画広告作りを目指すため、日本人×外国人クリエイターによるグローバルスタンダードな制作・動画ABテスト・Ultra HD(4K)での撮影など、弊社独自のクリエイティブ体制で制作を行っています。


GLOBAL STANDARD グローバルスタンダードな映像制作(多言語対応)

Affiliation with foreign creators is one of our core ideals. We produce global standard videos with Japanese and Foreign teams. Aside from Japanese, we correspond with other languages such as English, Spanish, Cantonese, Tagalog and Portuguese.

Recent achievements: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Burmese

ABILITY 豊富な撮影機材

We generally use our own filming equipment. We use not only 4K cameras, but also sound recording equipment. Special equipment such as rails, cranes, drones, etc. are kept as well. When using in-house equipment, you will not be charged for the equipment fee. We also try to improve the quality itself by separately expending the equipment cost.
* Separate estimation for special lenses, etc.


AB TEST 動画ABテストの実施

We conduct effective video advertising using an AB video test if requested. Our AB test will improve the effectiveness of video creation based on the following process.

With the use of advertising video production and AB Testing Data, we provide the most effective approach on the target audience.


PROPOSAL 動画広告展開や企画の提案

Not only do we produce the content you requested, but we are also making planning proposals from our own perspective. We are planning from the initial stage for clients we deal with directly, as well as advertising agencies. We will propose a creative approach to solve any problems or challenges, should any appear. Currently, about 90% of our handlings are direct deals without middle-man agencies.

CREATIVE RESEARCH 競合他社・世界各地のクリエイティブリサーチ

At the planning and production stage, we will conduct creative research of competitors from around the world. While utilizing the client's individuality, we will provide new and sophisticated creative ideas by grasping trends of other companies.

TRANSMISSION 記事執筆による情報発信

Aside from our website, we write articles on tips and examples of video production at Japan's largest in-bound information site, "Honichi Lab (trans. Visiting Japan Laboratory)". As a professional in video production industry, we circulate information.      

We would also like to respond flexibly to any other requests you may have. Please feel free to contact us by filling out the inquiry form below.