Filming support for overseas crew in Japan


We provide various support services required for overseas productions filming in Japan. Here is a summary of the support we can provide:

Location scouting support

There are many attractive locations in Japan, but finding them takes time and effort. We provide support for companies looking to film here, such as finding locations required by overseas productions, applying for shooting permits, and conducting on-site surveys.

Translation support

If you cannot understand Japanese, communication may not proceed smoothly. Many Japanese are unable speak English proficiently. Because of this, we provide on-site translation support to facilitate smooth communication between overseas productions and local staff.

Legal and regulatory support

Japanese laws and regulations may differ from those of overseas countries. We help with permit applications and procedures to ensure that overseas productions can film in compliance with Japanese laws and regulations.

Arrangement of filming staff

Local staff is necessary for filming in Japan. We provide support for arranging filming staff and managing them.

Advice on Japanese culture and customs

Japan has different cultures and traditions from the rest of the world. We provide advice on these unique Japanese culture differences and businesses practices to help overseas productions conduct smooth filming in Japan.

The above is the support that we can provide to overseas productions. We have staff with specialized knowledge to support overseas production teams film smoothly in Japan. Please feel free to consult us.