Mitsukoshi Isetan | 三越伊勢丹

350th Anniversary CG

“And today, too.” Spread your wings to the future.
Born in 1914, the lion statue has been famous as a watchful presence for visitors to the city.
It is also known as the “miracle lion statue” that has overcome two major crises in the past 100 years.
It is loved by local people in Mitsukoshi and all over the country.
In commemoration of the 350th anniversary of Mitsukoshi’s founding in 2023, the “winged lion,” a fantasy animal
Inspired by this, we created a “lion statue with wings” that no one has ever seen in a 3DCG video,
We deliver dreams and fantasies to our customers and head into the future.


「そして、今日も。」 未来へと、翼を広げて。




Producer:Hiroki Shirakawa(Ad Arch)
Creative Director: Syuichi Ito(DK)
CG Artist:Masatsugu Kubota (Ray)
CGProducer:Kei Okubo (Ray)
SE&MIX:Tatsyro Komoto (Ray)
Photographer:Hirohide Osawa(Ray)
Sound Producer: Naoki Itai | Ryotaro Koga (MUSIC FOR MUSIC)
Production Manager: Ethan White (Ad Arch)
Client: Mitsukoshi Isetan